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Isaac Bonewits, ADF and HearthStone Grove

An Official Statement by HSG

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We cannot and will not run from the problems we face. Several days ago, it was noticed that Moira Greyland’s new book The Last Closet, alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Isaac Bonewits. You can read The Wild Hunt article here. In comments on social media and the article, multiple people have come forward with some kind of testimony supporting these allegations.

We are enraged, devastated, and we feel betrayed. We have wept and lost sleep.

Our Reaction

We are 100% appalled by Isaac’s actions. We denounce them and do not recognize him as either Honored Dead or Elder Wise.

We stand with and believe all victims of Isaac’s abuse. We aren’t concerned with the validity of the claims, the character of the victims, or the victim’s motives for coming forward.

We pray for the victims, for Isaac’s friends and his family deeply and for hael and wholeness, for healing and happiness.

For years HearthStone has been, for Austin, a safe inclusive space to practice devotional paganism as a group, and as a solitaire needing training with occasional fellowship. HearthStone events are harassment free, and free of sexual misconduct.


Isaac has never attended any of our events or rites, as HearthStone was founded a year after Isaac died.

He did attend in the Imbolc Retreat in 2008 when it was hosted by the now defunct Live Oaks Protogrove, ADF.

We take the accusations exactly as presented.

We had no idea this was in our past, hiding in the shadow of a deep rooted problem in the culture of the world today, and within the pagan community with consent, and the age of consent.

We have been working proactively to make the community feel safe with us and our local pocket of ADF.

The grove and community connected to our Senior Druid was made aware immediately before the media could break the story.

Our leaders will be attending consent courses at Cherry Hill seminary so that we may host our own consent workshops to ensure that each member and group attendee is aware of what consent means.

At our retreats a workshop, on consent culture under the FRIES consent rules, will be the first workshop of the event, until we can get adequate training.

We are going to revisit how we are going to deal with harassment issues if ever they arise in our grove.

We’re deepening our commitment in creating a safe place with no discrimination of people based on gender, race or orientation.

Up to this point we have adjusted our practices and liturgical language to be safe and inclusive and to reflect the plurality of life. We will continue to strive toward these efforts.

Moving Forward

We are raw and questioning our foundational work. We want to address that foundation and not erase it, for it to be a model for the pagan community on growth and recovery.

Our Grove, like much of ADF, was founded on a vision statement that Isaac outlined in 1983. It was idealistic, forward-looking, and it spoke to us in deep ways that led to a lot of joyful work and fellowship. It was the vision, not the man, who inspired us as a Grove.

Isaac’s vision for ADF, as other groves has stated, is a relic of the past. We feel it needs changing and re-authorship, and a refreshed focus on growing local devotional polytheism.

We cannot change that Isaac founded ADF or authored its vision, but we can change what we are today and evolve from it, giving the organization a review it hasn’t had in over 30 some-odd years.

We hope that you will ask questions, and we hope you will still feel welcome with us. We’re prepared to show our community that we mean it when we say: our space is safe, our fire is good, and our arms are open.

Bright Blessings & Deep Healing to All,
-the Executive Committee of An Diore leac an Teallaigh: HearthStone Grove, ADF

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