• The Vision

    We envision our grove becoming the city center for Celtic pagan & neopagan spirituality. We will be working towards significant contribution to the secular Celtic and non-Celtic communities through support, education, music, and culture. We envision performing public workshops, rituals, funerals, marriages, and various blessing services to all Celts & Neocelts in the greater Austin & Central Texas communities. Within 25 years, we hope to break ground for a Meeting Hall on HearthStone owned land."


    HearthStone Grove, ADF strives to become, for Austin, a scholarly & creative Gaelic Celtic spiritual family, whose members have a new outlook on the nature of being, equality of the sexes, and the importance of myth, music, & merriment on the human condition.

  • Events

    Public rituals, retreats, festivals, camp outs, and meetups, hosted by Hearthstone Grove.

  • How Do I Join?

    We have a process for each level of membership, but we consider any member of any level a fellow "Grovie".

    Friends of the Grove

    Becoming affiliated

    Friends of the Grove are those who love and take part in what we do, but can't join as full members for one reason or another. You may become a Friend of the Grove after attending 2 consecutive rites. You will then be welcome to any of our Grovie Gatherings outside of our public events.


    Becoming a member

    Friends who would like to become Full Members are asked to attend 12 rites in 12 months and a day, and complete a 12 hour, overnight fire vigil reflecting on their choice to be a full member while kindling and maintaining their internal fires of motivation and learning.

    Full Membership

    Being a voting member

    Our Full Members are the most dedicated pagans that join in what we do. Expectations of members are high when ADF's motto is, "Why not excellence?" Our members make Our Own Magic by putting efforts and focus towards tribe and our shared endeavors.

  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions.

    What Is ADF?

    Indo-European Religion

    ADF is a pan-indo-european religion that has discovered that the spiritual practices of cultures speaking Indo-European languages are interwoven, interconnected, and similarly structured due to a common origin. Looking at all that we know of the IE religions and through comparative mythology, we can gain enough insight and wisdom needed to rebuild, revive, and grow any pagan reconstructionism of any of these cultures. ADF is an acronym for an Irish phrase meaning Our Own Magic. Within ADF, we reapply the mysticism surrounding the term itself, by calling a greek, roman, norse, celtic, vedic, indo-iranian, proto-indo-european prest by the term druid. 

    What Makes Ya'll Different?

    In more ways you can count

    HearthStone Grove is the only local group that offers regular public lunar and solar observances in Austin. Additionally, our Indo-European roots exclude circle casting, 4/5 elements, and a strong focus on the need for thaumaturgy. On the other hand, we are entirely orthopraxic, inclusive, public, scholarly, with a strong focus on hard polytheism and animism. We don't have any silly notions that our gods are 'tougher' or that they are 'no nonsense' deities like recon groups who romanticize the Iron Age.

    Looking for info about Hearth of Texas Temple?

    Please see our other page.

    This page is specifically for grove info. For information on the Hearth of Texas Temple, please click here.

  • Photos & Videos

    Browse photos and videos to get a sense of grove events and the members.

    The Folk & Fellowship

    Several people in the grove use their passion for media to capture the magic of fellowship we weave together as a grove.

    (Coming soon...)
    Browsing our photos and videos should give you a good idea of what types of activities we do and a bit of what it might be like to participate. Enjoy!

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